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SynamicD Team

Root Administrators


Owner / Creative Principal

Stone is the sole founder of SynamicD and the lead developer of the game. Stone is involved in all aspects of SynamicD, ranging from but not limited to; Game Mechanics, Game Design, Card Development, Website Development, Website Design, Events Management, and Marketing.


Senior Administrator / Lead Forum Organizer / Card Developer

JMB226 has been a crucial part of team from the very early stages of the game's development. JMB226 is in charge of keeping the SynamicD Community Forums organized and clean. JMB226 is a very talented individual who has played, and continues to play a major role in SynamicD development.

Javy Dreamer

Java Developer / Card Developer

Javy Dreamer is in charge of making sure that the SynamicD client is available for everyone to play on Mac. Javy's work has allowed SynamicD to be playable by Mac, and Linux users.


Client Media Developer / Card Developer / Event Manager

Taxes plays a huge role on the creative process that comes with page development. Taxes is also in charge of providing SynamicD players with quality media such as sound effects, music and videos.


Lead Event Manager

Ripper is in charge of making sure that every event runs smoothly and professionally. Ripper is also in charge of recruiting SynamicD referees, and making sure that they are running every event professionally.


Website Development / Server Integrations

Kadri is in charge of Website & Server integrations. She is an expert programmer, and designer. Kadri is also responsible for SynamicD's 3D art work.


CIO / .NET Developer

AnailizeR is SynamicD's CIO, and he is in charge of making sure that the SynamicD client is available for everyone to play on Windows.

Card Development Team

PDP, Heartbreak_Kid, and nitraw