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About SynamicD the Game

SynamicD is the only game that combines the concept of a Sports Collectible Card Trading with a Strategic Multiplayer game based on professional wrestling! This is the best multiplayer strategy wrestling game on the internet! You don't need to be quick with your thumbs to be good at this game, but you will need a quick wit and a cunning mind if you hope to excel!

To play the game, each player constructs their individual playbooks from cards that they attain by purchasing starters, booster packs, trading, or by purchasing them from the live player card auction. There are different page types, and each page has their own unique ability. The pages and their abilities are designed to simulate pro-wrestling moves, and their effects based on how they are played and how the moves are performed in real life. You can collect, trade, or sell the pages as you see fit; they are your property. Our system protects your collection and ensures that everyone plays fair!

Your role in SynamicD

You represent a Pro-Wrestling manager and it's your job to choose your Superstars' move sets and resources to defeat your opponents. When you play a game, you'll pit one of your playbooks against one of your opponent's playbooks. Every playbook has its weaknesses and advantages, and every single card makes a difference. Every single game you play will be different so it's up to you to learn from your mistakes and plan for every possibility.

Boosters & Starter Packs

Sold in 15-page "Booster" packs and 60-page "Starters", SynamicD creates a competitive environment for players to compete against each other in a match that usually lasts about 15 minutes. Once you create a SynamicD account, you can earn Event Points (EP) by participating in official SynamicD Events, or you can purchase Synamic Points (SP) from our site store. With EP or SP, you can purchase boosters and starters in the game's built-in store.


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Part of the challenge is to build a playbook filled with the Moves and Specials you'll need to win matches. There are Finisher and Trademark Moves unique to each Superstar, as well powerful offensive and defensive Specials. How you mix and match these pages is completely up to you!

You can buy booster packs to get more pages, or securely trade pages online with other players to get what you need.

Most Booster packs can be purchased in our in-game store.


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Most Superstars are sold in pre-made "Starter Playbooks".
A few are sold in special promotional packs.

These Starters have all of the pages you'll need to start playing the game right away. You'll get a good mix of moves, enough Momentum to play all your Moves, plus a few Specials and some of your Superstars' Trademark and Finishing Moves.

Starters are a great way to get into the game if you are a new player and a good way for veterans to pick up new Superstars and its Moves. For newly created accounts, in order to officially register as a manager you must purchase a starter from our game's built-in store.

SynamicD Official Events

SynamicD hosts a variety of occasional events where you win Event Points (EP) just for participating, and a variable amount based on your performance in the event.

Real Life Prize Events

For our larger events, we award real life prizes. These prizes could be cash prizes or things such as a brand new game console, or brand new merchandise. To participate in these events you can either qualify for free when a qualifier event is available, or purchase special event tickets that are sold in SynamicD's in-game store.

Weekly Championship Events

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Compete against other players in the community to earn your shot at the championship belt. See our events schedule for more weekly event information.

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