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SynamicD Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is SynamicD?

SynamicD is an online wrestling collectible card game that simulates the pro wrestling you typically see on TV. Players could purchase points, and use these points to purchase virtual "Pages" and assemble them into a "Playbook." This playbook would represent the moves and abilities that your wrestler would be capable of pulling off in the ring

Is the game free?

Yes SynamicD is free, you can play with anyone anytime; if you're interested in getting new superstars and pages you will have to earn EP from participating in our official events, or purchase SP packs which can be used to redeem Booster or Starter packs at the SynamicD in-game store.

What is Synamic Points (SP)?

SP is a SynamicD virtual currency that can be used to purchase any of the items available in the SynamicD in-game store.

How do I get Synamic Points (SP)?

SP can only be attained by purchasing SP packs from our web store.

What is Event Points (EP)?

EP is a SynamicD virtual currency that can be used to purchase some of the items available in the SynamicD in-game store.

How do I get Event Points (EP)?

EP is attained by participating in our official events. A Variable amount is given out during events based on your performance.

Can I give away my Synamic Points (SP) to someone else?

No, Synamic Points are non-transferrable.

I just launched SynamicD, what do i do now?

You need to create a new manager. Click on the "Create Manager" button at the login screen. Once you've got a manager, click on My Playbooks to look at your available playbooks and create new ones.

To actually play a game against another person, click on the "Play Online" button in the welcome screen (you must be connected to the internet for this to work). Pressing this button will bring you to the SynamicD main lobby area where you can meet and challenge other players.

Can I trade pages with other players?

Registered players can trade with one another. SynamicD includes secure methods for you to trade or give cards to other players online.

Can I sell my pages for money?

Once you attain pages in SynamicD, they are yours to do as you please with. If you choose to exchange them in an external transaction outside, you have the full right to do that. However, to protect our players from scams and dishonest transactions, we do not encourage or support the act of selling pages. Soliciting your pages, or any other service or item for money on the SynamicD server, or Community Forums is prohibited. Players caught doing so, can be subject to indefinite suspensions.

How do I play a match?

If you want to play a match against someone, and you've logged in, then you can play by simply connecting to the SynamicD server. Press the "Play Online" button on the game's welcome screen to enter the main lobby. Once you enter the lobby, you will see a list of all the players available to play with. You can type messages to everyone on the list, or highlight a player's and click on the "Request Game" button on the bottom right. The other player can then press the "Accept Game" button to initiate the game session.

How do I quit SynamicD?

If you press the Escape key at any point while running SynamicD you will get a dialog box that includes a 'Quit' button. Alternately, you may click on the "X" in the bottom right hand corner of the SynamicD window.

How do I minimize SynamicD?

You may click on the "-" in the lower right hand corner of the SynamicD window. If you're using Mac, you will need to use the default one in the upper left corner of your screen.

I can't connect to the server. What's going on?

We will normally announce downtime for scheduled maintenance a few days in advance (we do not have a weekly maintenance period). Scheduled downtime will be announced on our website's home page "News" area and in our "Announcements" message forum. Occasionally, there may be unscheduled downtime due to unforeseen issues or emergency maintenance needs. In the event this happens, we will post an Announcement as soon as possible. If the servers appear to be down, check the Announcement forums. Then try the following:

First, there are several things you can test to make certain it is our server that is down and not something on your end. Check if you have access to other websites that are not cached in your browser to ensure that you are, indeed, connected to the internet. Next, try to access other websites like or Finally, If you can't get onto the internet at all, you should contact your ISP for tech support. If you can get onto the internet, but you still cannot log into the game, check our forums to see if any other use is experiencing a similar problem. If you still can't log in, send us an email at and we'll help you sort it out.

Game Related Questions

How do I get rid of these pop-up boxes?

Press Escape to bring up the dialog box and select "Options". Check the "No Popups" option.

What are Booster Packs?

If your manager is registered, you can purchase more pages to add to your collection. To buy booster packs, go The Store. You will see a list of booster items available for sale. Once you've selected the booster type you want to buy, double click on them, or drag them to your cart. Click on the Confirm Purchase button associated with the currency you would like to use to make the purchase. Note: You must be connected to the Internet for this to work, and only registered players can purchase booster packs.

I lost my page in-game, how do i get it back?

When a page is discarded from play, or when our opponent counters your moves and your pages disappear, they are not destroyed. Any pages that start the game in your playbook will be in your playbook at the end of the game. In-game effects have no effect on your collection.

What is this "CROWD SUPPORT" page that pops up in my hand during games?

Crowd Support is a special "Not-for-Sale" page that appears in your hand as a result of your opponent's actions. When your opponent plays multiple moves of the same "move-type" during the same "move-string", you get a copy of Crowd Support put into your hand. You can use it as if it were your own page for the duration of that match, but once the game is over, you do not get to keep it!

Who are those people with Guide, Ref, Staff, or Admin icons?

These people are members of the SynamicD Team. Guides are there to help with minor player problems, and to direct you to the correct place to look for help. Referees run tournaments and sponsor player events where prizes can be won. Staff members are there to ensure that everything is running smoothly and report any problems to the SD Administrators. If you would like to apply to become a Guide, contact us at

How do I buy more pages?

Just Drag & Drop the store items to your cart located on right hand side of SynamicD's in-game store screen. Then click on the Purchase button associated with the currency you would like to use to finalize your purchase.

When I go to the "My Playbooks" Screen, I don't see my pages!

You must open one of your playbooks to see your pages. To do this click on the playbook graphic in the top row of the screen, then click "Open playbook". If you do not have any playbooks created, you must create a playbook before you can access your pages. To do this, click the "New playbook" button.

What is auto-pass mode?

Auto-pass mode forces the player to pass after 10 seconds every time it's their turn. This mode is triggered when a player loses connection. Auto-pass remains active until the player returns to the game session. During auto-pass mode, the game carries on normally. If the player who is on auto-pass mode returns to the game session before the game is over, auto-pass is disabled and the game proceeds.

How are ranking points calculated?

There are a few different variables that goes into the ranking calculation. For a detailed explanation of how ranking points are distributed, please search for "Ranking Formula" on the SynamicD Community Forums.

WHAT? I have to buy pages to play?

Absolutely not! SynamicD is 100% free to download and play. After you download the game, you'll create an unregistered manager. You can play with these pages as often as you like. You'll never be asked to pay for access to our servers or to play with unregistered practice starters, or your rookie starters.

Where do I find the latest page errata?

One of the benefits of virtual collectibles is that your page will always do exactly what it says it should do. There is no need to carry around a stack of print-outs with the latest errata. Every time you log into the game, your collection is updated with the most recent versions of all the pages. So, no more keeping track of the latest rulings and no more trying to unravel complicated timing issues! All of that is taken care of for you by our system. If you can use a page in a particular situation, you will be allowed to use it, and if you can't, you simply won't be allowed to use it.

How do I find out about the latest page changes?

We have a regular schedule of page changes and we will keep you informed about which pages we are considering for tweaking by posting lists on the website and in the forums. We actively encourage discussion and suggestions for improvements to the balancing of pages in the game.